Frequently Asked Questions
Can I embed your typefaces into a website?

Commercial Typefaces:
Web Font licenses can be purchased from either Font Spring or Font Bros.

Freeware Typefaces:
All forms of web embedding is allowed for the freeware fonts. If you would like to say thanks for the free fonts, please consider purchasing any retail font from my collection.

I want to use one of your freeware fonts in a commercial design. Do I need to purchase a license?
A special license is needed for the following: creation software embedding.

All forms of web embedding (except creation software) is allowed for the freeware fonts. Please contact me for more info and specific questions.

Freeware can now be used for apps/ebooks as long as the software is not creation software. As long as the app doesn't endanger life or the environment. For example: navigation, safety signs, etc. If your project needs a high degree of readability on sensitive information, please look elsewhere. Please contact me for more info and specific questions.

A license is no longer required to use the freeware for commercial use but please read the terms of use for more information.

If you’ve downloaded a blue vinyl free font from an archive site and that font is not available here, please ask permission before using it.

DO NOT! put them on a compilation disk or cdrom. Please contact me for more info and specific questions.

May I create digital scrapbooking alphabets with your fonts and resale them?
You’re allowed to create word art (phrases) only. A collection of individual letters is not allowed. The picture fonts can’t be made into clipart for resell.

Can I put your freeware font files up for download on my font archive site?
Well, not all of them, 20% of the total amount of freeware fonts I have is fair. The reason that I don’t let archive sites have all of my freeware fonts is simple. Why would anyone visit my site? Please link me if you do!

What is an opentype font?
An opentype font is a new font format created by Adobe and Microsoft with tons of fun features like instant ligatures, contextual alternates, small caps, oldstyle numerals, etc.

That doesn't mean that an opentype font has to have those features to be considered opentype. Also an opentype can be truetype or postscript.

It’s easy to confuse opentype with the different outline styles, truetype and postscript. A truetype opentype font will have a .ttf extension and a postscript opentype font will have a .otf extension.

The same opentype font file used on windows can also be used on a macintosh and the other way around.

Opentype must be supported in the program your using. Opentype is currently supported in a small amount of programs like Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop and InDesign. That list is expected to grow and opentype will become the standard.

I have downloaded your fonts, now how do I make them work?
If you are using Windows:
First unzip them by right clicking and selecting Extract All. Right click the font file and select Install.

If you are using a Macintosh:
First you must unzip the fonts.
After you have unzipped them just drop them into your fonts folder.

How do you make your fonts?
I make my fonts using Adobe Illustrator, Fontlab, ink, pens, brushes, paper and various other tools.

I didn’t find the answer to my question here, how can I get an answer?
Email me and I will be happy to find an answer.

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