examples of the Pinked Hearts typeface
examples of the Pinked Hearts typeface
examples of the Pinked Hearts typeface
examples of the Pinked Hearts typeface
Pinked Hearts
The idea for Pinked Hearts came to me while I was playing around with some pinking scissors, a heart shaped hole punch and creating layers of paper. It also has it's roots in chromatic wood type of the 1800s.

The two main fonts are Pinked Hearts A (full shadow version) and Pinked Hearts B (no shadow). There are 11 versions in all that can all be layered in a design program like photoshop or illustrator to create different effects. Simply type out your word in a layer, duplicate that layer and select another version. Use the guide contained in the zip file to see all the different versions visually.

Pinked Hearts A - Full version with shadow.
Pinked Hearts B - Full version without shadow.
Pinked Hearts C - Only letters with hearts.
Pinked Hearts D - Only letters with pinking.
Pinked Hearts E - Letters only.
Pinked Hearts F - Only hearts and pinking.
Pinked Hearts G - Only letters, pinking and shadows.
Pinked Hearts H - Only shadows.
Pinked Hearts I - Only letters and pinking that is attached to the letters. Great for layering paper cutouts with version B.
Pinked Hearts J - Only the hearts.
Pinked Hearts K - Only the pinking.

Have fun and enjoy!
  • Character Set: Basic Latin Numerals Punctuation Euro Symbol Western European Opentype Features 
  • Release Date: February 8, 2021
  • In Category: Serif
  • Price: Free: Read Terms of Use
  • Contains: 11 Fonts: Pinked Hearts A-K
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