examples of the Roller Baby typeface
Roller Baby
Think: Roller skating in the park, hot sticky summer days, car washes, wet t-shirts, being crushed out, blue skies and white puffy clouds and Japanese kawaii!

The Roller Baby BV font family is like watching clouds change shape. One minute it’s a fluffy bunny, the next it’s a curvaceous woman.

The Roller Baby BV font family contains very unique variations. Roller Baby BV, is a fun and fluffy unicase font. Roller Baby BV Alt, adds super cool swashes to the mix. Roller Baby BV Shadow and Roller Baby BV Alt Shadow gives you an outlined shadow look. Roller Baby BV Gradient and Roller Baby BV Alt Gradient can be used to add interesting texture. All six fonts can also be layered to add even more fun effects. You can get addicted and sit for hours playing with all the features this font has to offer.

Roller Baby BV is that one font family that all designers need in their collection. It’s hip, it’s now and forever. Get it today!
  • Character Set: Basic Latin Numerals Punctuation Euro Symbol Western European 
  • Release Date: August 5, 2003
  • In Category: Sans Serif
  • Price: $25
  • Contains: 6 Fonts: Regular, Alt, Shadow, Alt Shadow, Gradient, Alt Gradients
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